Keypad Reference

Conference Controls
Once you have joined a conference, you can use your telephone keypad to activate the following controls
Raise/Lower hand*1Lets the conference host know that you want to ask a question
Cast a vote*2XThe next digit you enter will be recorded as your vote (*20 clears your vote)
Attendance*3Hear the number of participants in the conference; press 3 again to hear a roll call
Change Room*4XMove to a private conference room; X = room number (0 = main conference, 8 = one-way glass)
Mute/Unmute*6Toggles your microphone on and off
Host Controls
If you are a host of a conference, you can use these additional controls
Hand-Raising and Call-On
Hands*91Tells how many hands are raised and who is next
Call On*912Calls on the next participant
Skip*913Skips the next participant
Controlling Meeting Entry
Status*92Announces waiting room and lock status
Unlock*920Unlocks the conference
Lock*921Locks the conference (no additional hosts or participants will be able to join
Enable Waiting Room*922Repeat to toggle between ALL and SELECTED.
"All" applies to anybody attempting to join your conference.
"Selected" applies to those joining with a conference code, or duplicated identities.
Disable Waiting Room*923Moves anybody currently waiting into the main conference.
Move to Current*924Moves the next person waiting into whichever room you are currently in.
Disconnect Waiting*925Disconnects the next person waiting.
Move Participants to Main*926Moves others in your room (but not you or other hosts) into the main conference room.
Custom Meeting Announcements
Manage Announcements*927Access announcements menu
Menu Level 1 - Select Announcement Application
Current Meeting Only1This meeting only
Conference Code2All meetings with same conference code as this meeting (accessible by Organizer only)
All My Meetings3All meetings belonging to this Organizer (accessible by Organizer only)
Return*Exit back to the conference
Menu Level 2 - Choose Function
Listen1Play the current announcement
Record2Record announcement
Delete3Delete announcement
Back Up*Return to Menu Level 1
*927-12Record an announcement to be played for this meeting only.
*927-33Delete announcement played for all meetings belonging to this Organizer
Manage Votes, Project Tracker & Rooms
Clear Votes*928Clears all votes.
Project Tracker Set*929Sets the Project Tracker for this conference. After *929, dial your Tracker value, and then press #.
Recall to Main*94XRecalls participants from a private conference room to the main conference (X is the private room number)
Examples: *943 recalls room three to the main conference; *940 recalls everybody to the main conference
Recording & Transcription
Stop Recording*950Stops conference recording
Start Recording*951Starts conference recording
Stop Transcription*952Stops transcription
Transcription (Scribble)*953Starts Scribble Transcription ($)
Clear Soft Lecture*960Unmutes all participants that have muted themselves, or have been muted via *961/*962
Set Soft Lecture*961Mutes all participants; they can individually unmute via *6
Mute Noise-makers*962Mutes any participants currently detected as talking; they can unmute via *6
Clear Hard Lecture*970Clears hard mute for all participants
Set Hard Lecture*971Sets hard mute for all non-hosts (they cannot unmute via *6)
Dial Out & Disconnect
Dial Out*98Dials out to a specific number; you will be prompted for the number to dial:
1 followed by number for US & Canada;
011 followed by country code and number for International
Then press #; conference will hear ringing and called party will be placed directly in conference
Hang Up*991Hangs up on last-dialed party (in case of no answer or voice-mail)
Disconnect Participants*992Disconnects other parties (excluding you and other hosts) in your current conference room
Disconnect All*993Disconnects the entire conference (including you)
Miscellaneous Tools
Wait Room Broadcast*49Move into waiting room; music will stop and you can speak to those waiting (they cannot talk back)
One-Way Glass Mode*85Toggles between Auto (all can talk with main audio attenuated) and Fixed (participants soft-muted)
Debug Record*86Individually records each "leg" of the conference for 60 seconds, for later audio analysis
When Simultaneous Interpretation is Enabled
Participants can use these controls
Select Language#1 - #8Select language channel
Select Floor#0Move to Floor Channel (no interpretation)
Hosts / Interpreters can use these controls
Start Interpretation#XYInterpret FROM language channel X TO language channel Y
Switch Direction##Swap your TO and FROM language channels
Stop / Select Channel#ZZStops your interpretation and moves you to language channel Z
Adjust Talk-Through#91Controls how loudly others hear the current speaker when the interpreter is working
Adjust Feedback#92Controls how loudly the interpreter's voice is heard by the current speaker

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